Thanks For Nothing

Ian Black, courtesy of SNS

written by – Jamie Currie

Just think for a second, Ian Black is right. We should thank him.

Firstly, for being a part of the team that went undefeated against part-time sides in League One, and secondly, for being part of the worst Rangers team in history.

Black and his disgraced former Rangers teammates Kris Boyd and Richard Foster should have taken their release on the chin, like men, and just slipped under the radar as they moved on to pastures new. But no, this trio of former Rangers players, like much of last season’s squad, love to run their mouth. During the season, they repeatedly told anyone who would listen how they would pick things up after every poor result and how the defeats served as a wake-up call for them. While that alarm never went off, maybe, just maybe, the reality is now sinking into their thin skin.

The days of earning high-end wages are gone, and their part in taking Rangers to the gutter has come to an end. I will be the first in line to congratulate you all for finishing third, yes, third in the second tier of Scottish football. Oh, and hold on until I get the bunting out and congratulate you all for your mighty effort of only losing the Ramsdens Cup semi-final to Alloa by a one-goal margin. *Claps slowly*

The majority of the fans agreed with what Dave King said, not because they take his opinion as gospel but because it was an indisputable fact. That group of players failed, not only marginally but embarrassingly. They should not be thanked or moved on with anyone’s best wishes, because quite frankly, over the last year – and the last three for many of them – they have made Mark Yardley and Garry O’Connor look like world-class athletes.

The number of times in games where this ‘team’ would be blowing out of their rear end after 60 minutes of play was ridiculous. Yes, the manager and fitness coaches and the rest of the backroom staff can shoulder some of the blame for that, but where is the professional pride? They are well-paid footballers. You would like to think that keeping themselves at a competent level of physical fitness is a minimum requirement? Unfortunately, that was not the case.

To make matters worse, The Scottish Sun reported that a number of the 11 players who were released are now thinking of taking legal action against Dave King and the club for holiday pay. Yes, you read that correctly: holiday pay.

Kris Boyd & Richard Foster, courtesy of SNS

Some of the 11 will apparently be looking to squeeze even more cash out of the club. It will leave a bitter taste in the mouth of the fans – the same fans that paid very good money over the past three years to watch these players strut their stuff – and badly at that.

To finish, the three whiners contributed very little to the cause. In fact, Ian Black would have been sacked on the spot for his betting charge if there had been anyone at the club who respected the proud standards this club has upheld for all these years.

Kris Boyd was a pathetic imitation of his old self. We were told he had changed, upped his work rate, and became a better player. We saw none of this last season; in fact, he didn’t even manage to reach 10 league goals, yet he blames everyone from his ex-teammates to Dave King for his own failure.

As for Foster, he is an average full-back who had three decent games towards the end of the season. He is a guy who failed at Bristol City, so much so that their fans were dancing in the street when Ally McCoist signed him. He should be forgotten about.

These three players will not be able to go into any Rangers drinking establishment without a frosty reception, but I doubt they care. They are coming across as bitter men whose bloated egos prevent them from shouldering any portion of the blame for this collective failure. But is that any surprise when you consider they only resembled a team on a handful of occasions during the season and shirked responsibility at every turn?

And when history is looked back on, that’s what they will be remembered for – being failures.


Originally posted on The Rangers Report

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