Talking Rangers and Spurs with Chris Miller

Harry Winks: courtesy of the Daily Mail
Harry Winks: courtesy of the Daily Mail

written by – Jamie Currie

On the cusp of Rangers’ trip to Hotspur way to play in a series of mini pre-season friendlies, I caught up with Chris Miller or Windy, as he is known amongst the online community.  I asked him a few questions, particularly about Harry Winks and the potential link-up with Tottenham.

Chris is a Spurs youth team enthusiast, who also features on The Fighting Cock Podcast, giving his weekly youth updates. So, it seemed reasonable that he was the man to go to with these questions.

JC: Harry Winks has been linked with a loan move to Rangers, how possible do you think that is, and what type of player is he?

CM: Well, from my perspective he could get a loan to League One or  the Championship, so Rangers seems ‘beneath him’ in footballing terms. But he’d be working under Warburton and playing in front of big crowds, so I do see some logic behind it.

JC: With Mark Warburton being installed as Rangers manager recently, what kind of relationship does he have with Spurs? i.e. signing loan players.

CM: Firstly, he’s a Spurs fan, which helps. Secondly, he was one of the founders of the NextGen Series, which we participated in. There would inevitably have been lots of contact with him throughout this process, and he’ll have seen an awful lot of our academy (including the manager, John McDermott).

I think the trust will only have grown after the success of Alex Pritchard at Brentford last season.

JC: A follow-up to that last question, do you think Spurs are more likely to allow Warburton take nurture the youth products after the success of Alex Pritchard at Brentford last season?

CM: Ah, yes. As above. Pritchard was well used, well supported, and clearly took great strides as the season went on. I think that will have encouraged our coaching staff.

JC:  Aside from Winks, is there any other Spurs youth talent that you could see joining Rangers on loan?

CM: There are absolutely loads that would do a job at that level. I’d love us to send two or three together and see what Warburton can do with them. Oduwa, Winks and McGee, perhaps.

JC: In terms of the games, how useful a workout do you think the game will be for your Development squad and Rangers?

CM: At this stage in pre-season, it’s fairly meaningless and the opposition is largely irrelevant. It’s just a training exercise and helping them get a feel for things again after the break. Let’s just hope there are no injuries!

Originally posted on The Rangers report.

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